March 21, 2013 at 3:23 pm

Win an AUTOGRAPHED Mirror-Mirror Twiztid Jersey and More!



NEHip-Hop is proud to announce our first ever contest for you Twiztid fans!  We’re giving away three of their newest posters and a Mirror-Mirror Era Twiztid Jersey!  How do you win?  First, subscribe to us on YouTube:  TheNEHipHop and leave a comment on Twiztid’s interview saying what makes you the biggest Monoxide & Madrox fan.  Winners will be announced Friday, March 29 by 12 Noon EST!  Take a look at the prizes below:

Third prize:

One of Twiztid’s newest posters
Second Prize:

Twiztid’s Connecting Double Poster

Twiztid Connecting PosterGrand Prize:

Twiztid’s Mirror-Mirror Jersey!

Mirror Mirror Jersey

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  1. im the biggest madrox monoxide fan twiztid serial killaz i originally got the mostasteless casette tapes and the baby fetus mostasteless cd please pick me i love these fuckin guys

  2. Im definitly the biggest Twiztid fan! My brother Kyle can tell u that too. Twiztid’s Monoxide Child and Jamie Madrox are my idols i look up too them their songs help me out in so many ways they have gone through stuff i have especially Jamie I would love to have there jersey it would meen the whole world to me. Love these guys! Whoop! Whoop! MMFWCL4L!!!

  3. OMF!!! one of the best interviews yet with TWIZTED..
    The chains are broken and they are finally free to be themselves. Take their talent to newer heights. yes they did need to get their own thing going their bigger than most artist in the old label now.. HEY I LOVE MY PSYCHOPATHIC FAMILY>> say other wise and you’ll get a wig split..
    Their love for the family seems to show more now then ever!
    Even in this musical state of emergency.

    I met them in Reno NV got to hang with them (I am 41 ok) and they had to be the most genuine real men in this industry.
    I have been a fan for the last 15+ yrs..

    Thank you NEHip-Hop for this love ya
    TWIZTED thank you for keeping it real!

  4. Been down with Twiztid since Mostasteless.Seen them at Wicked clown from outer space and havent stopped listening.whoop whoop!Twizid 4 life….

  5. Man Twiztid is the shit great guys in person lyrical geniuses and are only going to rise they were dope on psychopathic and will continue to be on their own nothing has changed except that they are running shit for once and that is damn amazing for them hope nothing but the best for them down ninjas and cant wait to see them live again an the time after that till I start rockin the dead.

  6. Why am I the biggest monoxide and Madrox fan? Because their music has helped me through a lot in life. From good laugh’s to sad times. They really are some o the most talented motha fuckaz out there in the game. I’ve meet them once they are some of the nicest guys ever! no autograph tho :/ twiztid 4 lyfe!! 😛

  7. ima big fan of twiztid always have been. they have always been my favorite artists since mostasteless. their music has help me cope with the everyday bullshit. it ment alot to me when i got to meet them for the 1st time in person at pops on the 1st leg of the abominationz tour. i was going through a hard time going through a divorce. so it ment everything to me. they are the coolest mathafuckers ive ever gotten to meet. and i hope to meet them again in okc coming up on april 6th. much luv to to jamie an paul whoop whoop!!!

  8. What makes me the biggest Twizrid fan? I have always gravitated to the Wicked Shit. Thus I have been familiar with Twiztid. In 2005, I was homeless and living out of my car. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and contemplating suicide. I even made an attempt. A coworker of mine reintroduced me to Twiztid with their cd Man’s Myth. In that cd I felt a renewed sense of hope. The confusion, desperation, and longing that Monoxide and Madrox expressed spoke to me. I knew where I belonged, as a part of the underground with the Juggalo Family. Since then I have boasted of Jamie Madrox’s lyrical ability as being one of the best in the game. Verse for verse, mainstream or underground, not many bring it like Madrox. Monoxide brings a fervor and intensity unmatched in his flow game. The Demented Duo saved my life and have inspired me to live unapologetic as my own essence and being.

  9. I’m a HUGE Twiztid fan! I remember getting a Psy. Sampler in 1998 at an ICP show and Twiztid’s “WTF” was on there. That was the first song I heard and I have been hooked ever since. There music is an escape and the perfect therapy for me. I am sad to see them leave Psy. but I’m equally geeked to have 2 MONSTER labels to follow. As Mono recently quoted “It’s like 2 ICPs in this bitch!” I’ll forever rep. Twiztid and the Fam!! Lotus Forever!!

  10. I’m the biggest twiztid, I’ve been listening to twiztid sense i was 12 years old, actually just got an order from hatchetgear, all i ordered was twiztid cd’s almost have my collection complete…twiztid inspires me and keeps me sane.

  11. Twiztid is the shit

  12. Much love to NE Hip Hop … and why are homies leaving comment for the contest here , much love fam , but ya’ll need to read it said You Tube … Faygo bubbles be fizzzing up you’re thinking … MMFWCL

  13. What Makes ME The Biggest Madrox & Monoxide Fan? Well Let Me Tell You, I’m Such A Big Fan That I’ll Blow All These Other MuthaFuckas Outta Here. Now Gimme That Jersey! WHOOP WHOOP! MMFWCL!

  14. I am one of the bigest twiztid fans out there, all though I only have been listening since independents day but I am a loyal fan and feel better when I hear there music no matter the situation, as long as I can hear twiztid will help me through the problems in my life.

  15. I’m definitely their biggest fan & supporter! Or at least I try to be their biggest supporter! Anyone who knows me knows that they really changed the game for me in life! I used to be more into punk and goth growing up, but I started to become disinterested in that around the time that I was told to look up some Twiztid songs and I hadn’t heard of them before. And I had been really deeply depressed, because I never got a job after college and always felt rejected and unwanted in the world, and all their stuff about not fitting in, being different and being looked down on spoke to me. It really is like the sky opened up and there was finally a light shining down in the darkness. And then they themselves reached out to me from the first gathering I went to and at several shows, and at in-stores and they treated me like a human being and it’s made all the difference in the world. I might have never had the confidence to stand up to all the hate I get to keep moving forward in life. I probably wouldn’t have the strength to face all the hate and BS without their music, motivation and kindness that has been shown to me. I really look up to them and they’ve got my 100% support and dedication forever.

  16. ive been into twiztid since mostasteless (first twiztid cd i bought was the mosttasteless re-release) madrox is my favorite especially because he took being fat into being some thin that’s fresh being fat myself i can relate to madrox i even got a tattoo saying fatkid 4 life and madrox if you are reading this bro im glad your doing what you need to do even if you are skinny you will always be a fatkid none the less if i win id be so fuckin happy to win if not then its cool ive been saying this for a while no matter if twiztid is on psychopathic or on butt hole booty records i will still blare there music

  17. Love these guys!!!!!!!!!!! I am going through a lot of shit right now and Twiztid music is the only thing keeping mefrom going off on people. Its been like that for me since I was a kid . Been listening to Twiztid since they started. They r fucking amazing guys who keep it real.

  18. I haven’t been able to make a lot of the shows or get alot of the merch but i’m definitely one of the biggest fans because i do keep up with all the latest news tours and merch and music even if i can’t get it all right away. but the fact remains that twiztid is always on my demented domepiece and so is family love. WHOOP WHOOP!

  19. I have been listening to Twiztid since they signed to psychopathic and I can tell you that they have been a positive influence on my life since then. Their individuality and diversity from the modern culture scene has always drawn my attention and gave me the power to realize the true potential of an individual and to never let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do because only you are that determining factor. They gave me pride in myself and others around me and to know the true power within ourselves that only we can bring out. No matter what people say about them, I know that whatever they do is to ensure their continuation of making their music and I am with them every step of the way.

  20. been down with twiztid since mosttasteless re release whoop whoop

  21. The first time I heard Twiztid’s music was back in 1999 when a friend, one I’ve known since we were kids, gave me the Phat or Whack? Sampler to check out. I was 16 then, big into ICP and metal bands; but I had never heard anything like Twiztid. We grew up poor back then, homeless, bounced around from house to house, and I wasn’t able to buy any of their albums. So I borrowed a friend’s Mostasteless cd, popped that motherfucker into my boom box, and recorded it onto a cassette tape so we could bump that shit in my mom’s car. I played that tape everyday to school. I was that dorky, goth kid … picked on, bulled, taunted, all that good shit but my escape was music, especially Twiztid’s music. To me, it felt more relatable compared to anything else I had heard; especially in times where I felt worthless and suicidal. I still remember my mother scraping together change in our car, on Halloween, so I could run into the local National Record Mart to pick up Freek Show. I was so fucking excited. It was the first time I was able to buy an actual Twiztid release with the booklet and artwork. I hung the angel poster above my bed and played that album over and over, memorizing the lyrics as best as I could.

    I continued to follow Twiztid after I graduated high school in 2001. Mirror Mirror, Cryptic Collection, The Green Book … all albums I could relate to while still struggling to make ends meet. A few years later I joined the military in 2004. I have taken Twiztid’s music with me EVERYWHERE I’ve been stationed. Their music has always been my home away from home. I’ve seen Twiztid in cities across the country: Houston, Seattle, Spokane, Pittsburgh, Worcester, Hartford, and just this past Wednesday I was able to add Providence to my list. Today I am fortunate to be able to afford things like VIP access and was able to talk to Twiztid, in Providence on their tour bus, about how I’ve taken their music on the road and out to sea to keep sane in the craziest of situations. There is NOTHING like listening to a Twiztid album, in this case Man’s Myth/Mutant, while onboard a ship doing late night search and rescue missions. NOTHING like listening to Independent’s Day or W.I.C.K.E.D. while driving cross country, getting pumped, knowing that on the other side of your journey you will be assisting in an oil spill clean up and lending a hand to the local community. NOTHING like listening to a song like “I’m Alright” or “Afraid of Me” while standing a watch, out to sea, looking for the remains of a family’s loved one.

    I told them this on Wednesday and I will say it again now. I will ALWAYS support Twiztid in what they do, the music they release, and the decisions they make. What their music has done for me, dating all the way back to my teen age years, is something I cannot put into words. I just surpassed my nine year mark as an active duty military member and I credit a lot of my sanity and success in having their music with me. Those two mean more to me than most blood relatives, I consider them family. So if they are reading this, THANK YOU. I look forward to everything you do from here on out.

  22. Why do I love Twiztid so much? Because they rep me, rep us, to the fullest every single day of their fuckin’ lives. They eat, breathe, smoke and shit the wicked shit and will continue to do it until they fall over dead. The energy and passion they put into their music is what gets me up in the morning, day after fuckin’ day, and keeps me grinding seven days a week. Of course they helped guide me through the darkness that has always plagued me, but its more then that. They taught me family, shed light on my world where there otherwise was none. They taught me humor, how to learn to laugh when theres nothing left to do but break down. They taught me individuality, how to say “FUCK OFF if you don’t like me” and to be comfortable in my own skin. Thats just the tip of the iceberg, but because of them my life is a much happier, healthier situation then what it was pre-Twiztid. And with that, I pledge my allegiance to the motherfuckin’ fam, From the first day to the motherfuckin’ end! In Twiztid we trust!!

  23. Love Twiztid… they have always sounded better. I have meet them and they are supper cool. One Monoxide & Madrox’s biggest fans. Have never missed a show of theirs here in upstate NY and never will. The Abomination was amazing. Can’t wait to see what they do on their own.

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